Where is the tooth fairy when you need her? Thursday, Jul 24 2014 

An exposed nerve--Ouch!

An exposed nerve–Ouch!

Yesterday evening at supper, I busted a tooth with more violence than has ever gone on in this head of mine. It hurt!

And all day it hurt some more. I couldn’t find the tooth fairy’s number, so I called her next of kin, my dentist Dr. Fontenot. His staff worked me in for an emergency consultation late this afternoon. The verdict: Exposed nerve. Possible salvation of the tooth with some work-up, a root canal, and a cap. $$$$ flashed through my mind, plus the pain I was in.

“No thanks, Doc,” I boldly resolved. “Let’s do the down and dirty.”

On to the extraction, and these several hours later, no happier could I be. $$$$ still in hand, no more pain. If the tooth fairy isn’t available, I’ll settle for the forceps-wielding Dr. Fontenot.

Salute, Beverly Hillbillies: Ellie Mae Livz! Saturday, Jul 19 2014 

Ellie Mae rulz.  What a sweetheart!

Ellie Mae rulz. What a sweetheart!

When I was in 8th/9th grade, summers at home were boring. Except for the first 2 or 3 hours of the morning when me and my sister and brother would watch the syndicated re-runs of I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, and The Beverly Hillbillies.

What a rich time it was, then, last night, to visit with Donna Douglas, the actress who played Ellie Mae on the Hillbillies. The 81 year old TV icon came to promote our lifelong learning group’s membership renewal effort, but she left us so much more than a PR splash. Her presentation was the story of her life from rural Louisiana to New York to Hollywood, a story punctuated by faith and values.

At the end of this day, I’m blessed and honored to have met Ms. Douglas. No celebrity I’ve ever known was more patient with adorers, more gracious, more humble, and more delightful than she. Her talk was inspirational–Many “amen”-able moments!

50 Mondays from now . . . Monday, Jul 14 2014 

When the magical “R” day began coming into view at 18 months out, I started marking off the 26th of each month as a countdown.

Celebration "Daze" are in view, 50 Mondays from now. (Not counting holidaze).

Celebration “Daze” are in view, 50 Mondays from now. (Not counting holidaze).

As today’s wretched Monday groans through the workday morning hours, I decided to take a break and count how many Mondays to mark off between now and that day of anticipation just over a year from now. The result: not counting holidays, the magic number of Mondays remaining until Monday becomes irrelevant is 50.

What a strong, even number! 50 too many, on one hand, but given the alternative that it could be 51 or more, that shimmering 50 glistens with the hope of a not-too-distant reality when the weekly despair of Monday is supplanted by the mind, body, and soul freedom of Fridays forever.

So the countdown marches forward: First months, now weeks. Next to come: days, and then hours!

“W-O-R-K” is a 4-Letter Word Tuesday, Jul 8 2014 

Who said “Vacation gives a morale boost?” That doesn’t work for me. This vacation ending today causes my morale to drag and droop at the thought of returning to work tomorrow. I have been blissfully carefree and happy for the past eight days. Thinking about tomorrow and returning to the office, my spirit groans.

Work, yes, a four-letter word, especially when associated with administration and dealing with crises and problems emanating from the shortcomings, errors, and incompetencies of subordinates and clients.

The Great Plains of America surrounds this scenic reservoir in central Kansas where we hiked and jogged last week.

The Great Plains of America surrounds this scenic reservoir in central Kansas where we hiked and jogged last week.

On the other hand, I agree with the premise I posted in this blog several years ago at the end of a memorable summer vacation: “Vacation is the natural state of man.”

That ideal is biblical, too, because work resulted from the curse of Adam’s and Eve’s foolishness. In the beginning, Eden was more perfect than the most glorious Gulf beach or Rocky Mountain height.

Facing the office tomorrow will be extra-hard because I know I’ve reached the retirement bar. So, may this post document the record at the beginning of the final 12 months of public work that begins in a few weeks: The only incentive to keep on for another 12 months is the retirement system’s DROP deferment plan. If not for DROP and the incentive of a healthy nest-egg as a service reward from the State, I’d bale out of this insanity tomorrow and go on perpetual vacation. The next 12 months cannot pass quickly enough!

Happy Birthday, USA, from the Great Plains of America Friday, Jul 4 2014 

Yesterday afternoon we rolled into Hays, Kansas to celebrate Independence Day on the Great Plains of America with our daughter’s in-laws and then to prepare for a reception Saturday for the bride and groom’s family and friends from Kansas who were unable to attend the wedding down south in May.

Some travelers complain about the scenery (or lack thereof) in the wide open rolling spaces of the American heartland, but not me. I see creation spreading away beyond the reach of imagination–it’s the poetry of Earth.

After we turned westbound on Interstate 70 out of Salina, we turned Pandora to a Cajun channel and listened to the Pine Grove Boys’ version of “La Branche de Murier” while we shot a video of the passing landscape. We “Cajunized” our travel experience so we could mingle sensory associations of home with the exotic panarama of the far-away plains, but when I look at the video now I see that this piece makes a fitting Independence Day tribute to different parts of the country on the Great Plains of America where, at the end of the day, we are AMERICA. Joyeux Jour d’Independence a tout le monde, en Kansas et en Louisiane et tout partout!

Independence Daze Monday, Jun 30 2014 

We travel to the American heartland for July 4: Kansas, the Great Plains, the American Mother Earth. I’m Google-mapped up, rarin’ to go:

We leave Wednesday.

Allons en Kansas, chez Hays.

Allons en Kansas, chez Hays.

Bring on the “daze” to Hays! (Hays, Kansas, that is).

A Sparkling Assertion? Tuesday, Jun 24 2014 

This is some pre-writing I did, probably in the margins of an agenda for boring meeting in spring 2013. I can’t remember where the thought came from, and as I read it now, I marvel at what it could have meant, although I must have recently read Langston Hughes’s “Dream Deferred.” Anyway, I post it here for posterity to either wrestle with its weight or marvel at its foolishness.

A Sparkling Assertion
May 2013

If an assertion sparkles, it is true? Or does it evoke questions? And if questions the assertion does evoke, are the answers mightier than the questions? Let’s experiment with the following assertion, followed by a set of logical questions that could (or could not) ensue:
UL Fleur de lis
“I have lived so long that I will not die young.”


At what point does that assertion become a victorious proclamation?
Or rather does it sting like an angry wasp?
Or stink like an old lady’s moth balled cedar chest?
Or sink like an encumbered heart beset by life’s travail?
Or shrink like guilt before the chastening fire of justice?

Or simply slink quietly away once the one who proclaims this assertion realizes he proclaims his mortality?

Thursday, Jun 19 2014 

Got to watch my daughter sign her name “Ann P. Kuhn” at the Office of Motor Vehicles in Baton Rouge yesterday. She must have been practicing writing that K-U-H-N, the way she polished off the cursive with a twist and a flourish. I think she likes her new identity more than her old!

Alas, such is the excitement of newleywedness.

The aphrodesiacMobile: Like true love, used Camrys roll forever!

The aphrodesiacMobile: Like true love, used Camrys roll forever!

For me, I own one car less now–at this stage of life, fine with me! I wonder how that Cajun Camry bought from Courvelle in Opelousas will look with Colorado tags?

Anniversaries of health Wednesday, Jun 11 2014 

On a roll: A year ago today, I took my annual wellness physical. Today, 365 days later, I took my annual wellness physical. As I left Dr. Ware’s office, I scheduled my next annual wellness physical for 365 days from this day.

All results were encouraging and showed consistency over years: BP 128/78, pulse strong from a well-conditioned heart, EKG results “perfectly normal” (in the practitioner’s words). Passed all the stethoscope tests, the pokes and prods, and the lights up the nose and ears illuminated no ills. To this point in life, I am the beneficiary of a virtuous and moderate lifestyle, abetted by preferred genes from the family pool. Since I had nothing to do with the gene pool traits, I can only thank the Almighty.

May good health endure! At least as long as it can, because we all hit the end of the road one of these days.

Hoping for another year of healthful cheer!appt

The difference a view makes Wednesday, Jun 4 2014 

Counting rooms and offices I’ve worked in over the past 28 years in public education, most of my places have been window-less, providing uninspiring views of nothing more beyond the exit than a door-sized view of an interior hallway or an adjoining office or lobby.

That’s why I’m pleased in these last couple of years preceding retirement. In my final months, I have an office with three windows opening views to acres of outdoor green and blue skies overhead. I find that I need such a view in these final years to provide the inspiration needed to hold the course and make it to that end-of-July 2015 goal.

You see, the closer that “R” day comes, the more difficult concentration grows. So in those moments of tedium and distraction, this open view beyond the confining cinder block walls provides mind and soul liberation from malaise. I assure myself in those moments, “Yes, I can do this for 14 more months.”

Thank God for the view!

A corner view covers the north and east beyond the confining office walls.

A corner view covers the north and east beyond the confining office walls.

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