Congratulations to me on grading all of my final exams from two sections of English 1001 before bedtime on the night the papers were 180px-test.jpgdue!
What a feat of grading!
What good essays the students wrote!
What a relief!
(To them and to me.)
What peace of mind!
(For them and for me.)

Now what will I find to do with myself between now and summer school?

No more Blackboard postings,
No more stacks of papers patiently waiting to be graded until the eleventh hour,
No more emailed questions about what to do after “the dog peed on my essay.”

Maybe I’ll blog more!
(Ever heard of that Louisiana community in Catahoula Parish called “Frogmore?” I’ll rename Eunice “Blogmore!”)
Maybe I’ll be a better Daddy and husband!
Maybe I’ll grow a garden!
Maybe I’ll take up a hobby!

Ah, sweet release! May the next three weeks until summer school pass real slooooooooooooooooooooowly!

And then comes hurricane season!