scopperhead.jpgSince four years ago when we went through two Copperhead snakebite episodes within three weeks with our Rat Terrier, I have not felt comfortable with the snake situation in this edge-of-town subdivision where we live.

The reason for that discomfort was confirmed this afternoon late when I went to gather up some scraps of lumber left over for the trash pile from my house repairs (I’m painting and refreshing.)  When I gathered up the pile of one-by-two’s, along the front sidewalk leading by the garage to the front door, lo and behold, curled up underneath in hideout was a juvenile Copperhead–about a foot long, maybe, but not much more.

He/she (whatever) wasn’t happy to be uncovered, but the very scrap one-by-two pieces I was gathering made good weapons, and in short order, the devil had a fatal headache.

I am glad I found the beast and killed  it before one of the dogs might have found it (or its cousin), but I’m still disturbed that those devils are still so common in our neighborhood.  Seems they should be relegated to the woods or somewhere appropriately isolated and primitive.   We live in town!