I checked a journal I kept a few years ago and found these incomplete lines of verse. Are these line shades of Fanny Crosby’s “lost in His love” from “Blessed Assurance,” or “Jesus, lover of my soul / Let me to thy bosom fly?” Or the mixture of the two, with a measure of “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” tossed in the mix? I can’t remember!

Anyway, these lines are something I’ll have to revisit and re-polish. There may be some poetic potential in such sketchy lines from yesteryear!

Of my
Take me to your hiding place where

I will

Have to live
In fear of
Self (yes, I scare me!). Instead,

Lose me in You so that I am lost to me–
Only let me find You when I search! And then,
Very soon, let
Everlasting arms bear me o’er.