cone.gifThanks to Accuweather’s Hurricane Center, we have a prognostication about the upcoming hurricane season.  Since Accuweather missed last year so badly, I’m not sure how much store to set by their predictions, but I’ll post this anyway in the “for what it’s worth” department.

I sense the hypersensitivity we felt last year during hurricane season is starting to ease.   Last year, still numb from the stark memories of Katrina and Rita and excited by the predictions of another banner hurricane season, we sat on the edges of our seats.

But then nothing happened.

And now this year, another prediction of an above average season, and look where the “Cone of Concern” centers!  (My part of the world is right on the line of “”Greatest” and “Above.”).

But you know what? The last few years are a reminder to all of us: “The storm may, or it may not, but more than likely, it won’t.  But if it does, watch out!!”

We know what happens when it “does” as well as when it “does not.”   We pray this season  for “does not!”