meatball-stew.jpgWho said the Italians are the champions of the meatball?   Since marrying a Cajun, I have discovered that Cajuns know what to do with ground meat that would make any Italian spaghetti chef jealous.   The Cajuns call their dish “meatball stew.”  It consists of browned meatballs simmered in a roux-based gravy with green peas, potatoes, and carrots.  And, of course, this dish is seasoned “Cajun,” which means, depending on the chef, it could be pretty spicy.

We had some for supper–pictured here–along with stewed okra (in the foreground on the plate) and a kind of cole slaw (on the left).  The pic (taken with my Samsung Blackjack) probably doesn’t do the dish justice, because the food was as pleasing to the eye as it was pleasing to the palate.

I had second helpings!