I’ve often warned friends and family that if they send me something that looks blogworthy, I’ll publish it.

A few days ago, my old (metaphorically, not literally) elementary school mate Rick, from Yuma, Colorado, ad12.gif sent me the following lines of free verse which I found captivating and insightful.

I asked Rick’s permission to blog the composition, so here goes, from the Gulf Coast to the Great Plains of America, Rick writes the following:

“Back to School” the big ad read,
And sure enough,
Summer sets in all directions.
September advances
Commanding the horizon to announce its arrival.
Full of itself,
Of Promise,
Of Fall.

Another election coming!

As one who professes rhetoric and letters, I am anxious to point out the stellar points of Rick’s verse. What a full and rich figure: “Summer sets in all directions.” Only a school teacher who’s been “off” for June-July-August knows how to appreciate that figure of speech to its fullest.  And how about all that personification?  This is an English teacher’s dream piece for worthy examples to set before striving learners!

But the ironic twist at the end is really rich. Apparently, Rick is bombarded with political ads as much in the media  in the Great Plains as we are down South.

Does this observed phenomenon not establish and support the doctrine that truth (or at least human nature?)  is universal????

Thanks, Rick, for enriching my life and the experience of the readers of this blog.  We must do this again.