Smooth sailing so far . . . Humberto was a big surprise but no big deal, and TD 10 never was . . . at least, never was “Jerry” like we all felt would happen several days ago (Have we grown paranoid since 2005?).

And so life goes on in September along the Gulf Coast as we take ’em one week, one threat, one cluster of disturbed weather on the horizon at a time, hoping for cold fronts and mid-October and whatever else it takes to dull the tropical edge that saws away at our nerves everytime some dark cloud looms beyond the surf rolling in on the Gulf shores.

The Accueather graphic I posted here (from this morning’s Accuweather update) portrays the next case of the jitters to carry us into next week. We’ll track that the next few days, for sure. And in addition, our favorite local weather guy from KATC-TV in Lafayette, LA, Rob Perillo, posted the following on his blog Friday afternoon:

Incidentally, the long range models keep significant fronts away from the area and active disturbances in the Caribbean and possibly the Gulf into the second week of October. So our tropical season is still several weeks away from ending.

Thanks for the heads-up, Rob. We’ll be watching–jittery-ly.