When the last student-athlete graduated last year, we figured “We’re home free!”  Wecoach-p.JPG attended the tee ball, the softball, the summer leagues, the All-Stars, the high school–football and softball– boy and girl.

We’re free!!!!   Friday nights belong to us!!!!  No more road trips to distant district games!!!

But nope.   God (had to be Him!)  had another plan.  From the beginnings of time when He formed the earth, he pre-ordained that Zach would grow up to be a coach, and Zach would want dear ol’ Mom and Dad and lil’ sis to be at his games just as much now as he did when he was the EHS Bobcats pulling guard years ago.

So we do the honorable mom and pop obligatoire.  Whether the game’s in Lake Charles or Cecelia, Church Point or Crowley, mom and pop watch “Coach P.” do his thing.   No matter that his Crowley Gents are the arch-nemesis of our home town school, no matter that we could find some other way to spend Friday night, no matter that we’ve paid our dues raising two student athletes, paying hundreds of dollars in admission tickets from Tioga to Abbeville–We go, because we’re “Mom and Pop.”

And that’s reason enough.  We were created for this!