The “Country Boy Can Survive” entries from 2006 are among my favorite blogs of all time. That year’s memoirs of the conference trips to Los Angeles and Nashville provided fun fodder for this blog.

This year, I traveled so far to Roanoke, Virginia,, for the conference counterpart to Los Angeles a year ago. The “A Country Boy Can Survive” theme is kind of purposeless in that quaint, small-mountain-folk-metropolis-kind-of-venue, because the “country boy” feels right at home munching cheddar grits and peanut soup in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains with the First Baptist Church right across the road from the conference hotel. Gollee, Western Virginia is “Country Boy’s” country!

But later this week, New York City is the conference destination.250px-top_of_rock_cropped.jpg

Manhattan. Times Square. Broadway. Central Park.

Will the “Country Boy” from Louisiana find poetical inspiration in the concrete jungles of the Big Apple?

Stay tuned!!