choir-practice.jpgTonight begins the week choir/cast members love to hate: The every-night-of-the-week rehearsals preparing for opening night of the church drama/musical, “Glory in the Highest,” on Saturday. For this one week of the year, our hearts and souls belong to the church and the choir and the cast.

Lucky me, I’m losing my voice tonight after fighting off what I have decided to call the “Times Square Appezutix,” an upper-respiratory bug I seem to have contracted since returning from New York a week ago. Not being able to sing left me free at practice this evening to take a phone-shot of the choir and cast-at-large rehearsing the finale. That’s Sarah at the mike, part of the drama cast in the foreground, the supporting choir/cast arranged across the stage. Come next Saturday night, we’ll all look like biblical characters, wearing costumes of the period.

Actually, we’ve been working on this schedled three-night performance since August This is just the week to polish and perfect. I pray that my laryngitis will be healed in time, but even more, I pray that the soprano at the mike in the picture, with whom I share a bedroom and everything personal at home, does not contract that same Times Square Appezutix that has left me speechless. If I am ill, the show will go on, for I am a mere “barrentone” in the choir. If she is ill, . . . well, that’s serious!