Sunday night was pretty exciting. Even though we had the church Christmas musical starting the same time as the BCS “revelation” show on Fox Sports, the hard core Tiger fans among us showed our uncanny ability to focus on both the musical at hand and the sports show. During a scene break early in the muscial drama, in fact, we met backstage in the choir room where some sage fellow had set up a TV, and we watched the official proclamation of the nigh-miraculous: Ohio State number 1, LSU number 2. With that good news in our hearts, we returned onstage and sang “Glory in the Highest” like angels!

We’re not worried about number 2 at all (as LSU fans, that is). In fact, I’m happier playing Ohio State than I would be playing Georgia or even USC at this point in the season. The whole thing is shaping up to be loads of fun.

Speaking of loads of fun, the pic here shows our Youth Minister Gregtiger-bait.jpg attempting to improve one of our choir member’s “bad choice of wardrobe” (note the Ohio State t-shirt!). She and her husband are Ohio transplants, so we sort of forgive them (for Yankees, they’re really nice folks). I have to admit that if I were transplanted in Ohio these days, I’d be awfully prone to sport my purple and gold.