I was faithful to journaling daily in 2005. Never in my life, before or after, was I that committed to dashing out a daily reflection on the the life going on around me. It’s interesting to look back at those frames now, only three short years later, to remember how much of the daily stuff I forget. And especially 2005. What a year!

On this day in 2005, for example, I wrote the following:

“Granny’s scope showed no tumors or anything else except infection, so that’s good news. She’ll get to go back to the home tomorrow and get strong for her 100th.”granny-at-mlk.jpg

Wow. I scrolled all the way through that journal, and all the details of the infamous year were recorded well.

Granny’s 100th birthday party celebration.  PaPaw Morris fell ill with cancer in January and left us behind in May.   A couple of hurricanes in August/September. A funeral for our Granny in December.dscf0015.jpg

Seems like lot of living–and dying–crammed into twelve months. Why did I choose that year to record anyway? What a lucky coincidence, or perhaps Providence?

I realized this evening that I should revisit that compost heap of recollections and memories from time to time. Not only can I dredge up some material for this blog, but I can also remember the meaningful stuff I might otherwise so sadly forget.