I’ve been a recreational runner for most of the past 30 + years.   But the two kids run last week in the Houston Marathon–Zach the complete marathon, Ann the half marathon–surpassed by far any goal or expectation or dream that I could have ever held out for myself.  It’s pretty neat to see them both so turned opulling-kids.jpgn to running, even moreso after returning from their marathon weekend–to the point that poor old Mom and Dad both feel challenged to catch the same spirit. The pastor and another family friend took part in the Houston action, too.  It’s like running has become “the thing” around here.

I guess that’s an instance of the kids setting a standard for the old folks.  So even though I’ve been run/walking for years, I’ve ramped up the training routine so that I run all (rather than the half run/half walk intervals that I’ve been doing for several years) of my 3.2 + mile daily romp with the dog.   Both Sarah and I are getting ready for First Baptist Church of Eunice’s 5K event next month to benefit the local ministerial association’s food bank.

I have saved the route of my training run at http://www.mapmyrun.com.   The calorie calculator there tells me my 32 minute romp covering 3.23 miles consumes 239 calories that might otherwise be converted to avoirdupois if I didn’t take the time to run.