Sarah and I saw the movie Steel Magnolias years ago.   The movie was shot on location in and around Natchitoches, Louisiana.  We enjoyed the movie all the more for that piece of local color.steel-magnolias.jpg

I just spent Friday evening and all day today (Saturday) with a group of ladies from the Northwestern State University Writing Project  in Natchitoches.  I served as one of two consultants for the technology leadership team of this Writing Project site in a retreat weekend to do some long range planning.  I was the only guy in the group of nine or ten ladies!  (They treated me with great civility.)

When the successful day ended Saturday, I told the group, “I feel like I’ve spent the last 18 hours with the cast from Steel Magnolias . . . , except the cast of the movie was all actresses . . . but you ladies are the real deal!”

They laughed, of course.

We had a good time.  In the end, these folks were better than the movie’s characters: they were funny, they were creative, they were authentic.

No need for actresses among the fellows of the NSU Writing Project!