A year ago, I was blogging about the last season of high school softball. Scrolling through the blog archives of February-April 2007 sure brings back a lot of memories of ball parks and shivvering in lawn chairs on early spring nights and all the while celebrating the positive rewards of parenting when things go well with raising kids.

I told LSUE baseball coach and Athletic Director Jeff Willis sometime during that season that after softball, I’d like to help out with the LSUE program (I work at LSUE as an administrator). jeffwillisjune2004-1.jpgEven then, I was anticipating the withdrawal pangs of no-spring-sports after eight consecutive years of following first our son in high school baseball and then daughter Ann in softball and track. So Coach Willis (to the right) took me up on my offer and asked me to man the stadium mike in the press box to announce the LSUE games this season.

“Wow,” thought I. “Right down my alley.” When I was a kid, that’s the kind of job I dreamed about (except perhaps in the major leagues?).

But that wasn’t the end of it. Right before the season started several weeks ago, Coach Willis approached LSUE freshman daughter Ann to serve as the student trainer for the baseball team. He knew of her training experience in high school and her last summer’s experience working for a local physical therapist, so she joined the Bengal’s show, too. The picture below, in fact, shows her icing down Bengal right hander Josh Bailey’s arm after Josh tossed a trainer.jpgcouple of scoreless innings in the first game of a double-header this afternoon. (Bengals swept!)

At the same time, when LSUE Bengal baseball isn’t occupying our time this spring, we’ll not doubt visit some games with son Zach’s Crowley High School baseball team, where he’s as assistant coach.

So what is this?

Aha, ’tis this: A case of all of us finding ourselves where we seem destined to belong: on the friendly¬† field of athletic endeavor, parents and kids with new (and exciting) roles, delightfully discovering new phases of familiar patterns that we not long ago imagined to be dead and done.

Ah, yes–There shall be showers of blessing!

Play ball!