So many folks I know are down with the appezutix that this little ditty from the 90’s might cheer some flu-sick soul. I composed this in the fog of the antihistamine I was taking at the time for a sinus affliction.drixoral.jpg

Raindrops keep falling in my head
spouting antihistamine fog
left over from last night’s Drixoral
when I tried to sleep but didn’t,
and now my brain feels utter
behind bleary eyeballs
trying to focus but can’t on this manuscript
as I try to think but don’t
because all I feel is not thoughts
pushing me down in this chair
with excessive G’s like an astronaut
doing blastoff while
I am tired and lonely and depressed and dejected and fed up
knowing Sarah was right
when she told me to stay
because who knows what I’m missing
since the kids are not home at school
and she and I could be all by our lonesome selves
with an empty house all to our lonesome selves.