Back to another topic I blogged early last month (“Take Us Out to the Ball Game“). We divided this past weekend watching our two grown kids do their respective spring sports things. Here’s Coach Zach coaching at first base for CHS at the Crowley High tournament Friday night. Then Saturday afternoon we watched Ann do her trainer routine for the LSUE Bengals baseball team. All of our kids’ teams won, adding to the pleasure of the weekend.

A curious observation I’ve noted is that watching them in these more grown-up roles is a lot less stressful than watching them play.  Sweating your own kid through a full count, for instance, is a lot more  taxing than watching other parents sweat their kid through a full count!  We are free simply to enjoy the game for the sake of the game.

Yep, this will do just fine until the grandkids come along. Payton-watch is down to under three weeks now (although I’m sure it will be a few years before she faces any full counts–we’re in the rocking chair, figuratively as much as we will be literally in the near future. Look for posts on that subject later.)