I got on a Ralph Waldo Emerson kick in grad. school. If he were a contemporary, I think we would be in tune, in terms of epistemology, anyway. I dashed200px-rwemerson2.jpg out this piece in 1995. Rummaging through the portfolio is fun, recalling stuff like this that is a mixture of eloquence, audacity, and bad diction, those qualities not necessarily in equal measure. May the reader judge the work for its merits, or lack thereof. But, since it’s my blog, here goes . . .

Word Natures
(Celebrating the poet as the namer of existence!)
January 1995

Emerson said
words are actions
actions are words,
which means to me
that meaning is
like Logos,
who mysteriously meant everything
in the beginning
when there was nothing to mean anything;
and now,
after eons of man’s achievements,
the main thing I understand is that
meaning doesn’t just live
in words
in actions
in thoughts
in books
on hard drives
in all the things that man knows.
All meaning is too much for any man,
God only knows.
But like God,
meaning is.

God grant me
to perceive it
and authority
to name it

and courage
to teach it
through actions and words
originally and meaningfully
like a prophet
of truth.