A campus club sold sausage po’ boys for a fundrasier today at lunch, so we donated to the cause and enjoyed our sandwiches. I remembered the olden days when our kids sold po’boys for fundraisers, too, like the Christmas season in ’97 when I composed the poboys.jpgfollowing “commercial” to solicit sales for the church youth group’s project. You can see the toll inflation has taken on the economy–$3.50 then, $5.00 today.

Po-Boys for Thee and Thine
(In Heroic Couplets)
December 1997

When mem’ries of thy Christmas feast grow old,
While stale turkey in the fridge drieth cold
And garlicky stench of left-over food
Belies the truth of what once was good,
What shall ye consume this Yule time of year
To nourish thy soul and make thee good cheer?

A worthy question! A dilemma ’tis!
But I can resolve it: Hark unto this:

‘Tween ‘lev’n and one, December twenty-nine,
Hie thee hence to First Baptist Church with thine,
There to take out, for thy fam’ly, po-boys–
Smoked sausage delights ev’ryone enjoys!
With chips and pickles, no way shalt thou err!
T’is a joyous repast, a bargain fair.
The cost is only three-fifty a meal.
No where in town wilt thou find such a deal.
The tickets have I on sale to reserve
For you this treat which you richly deserve.
And you will to a worthy cause donate,
For the youth group raiseth funds of late
To go on mission with good news to share
Of Christian love for mankind everywhere.

Call me quick, and I’ll to thee deliver
These tickets, for which thy heart doth quiver.