Here’s the view from where I work behind the stadium mike announcing home games at Bengal FIeld, home field of the currently #1 nationally-ranked LSUE Bengals. I went outside on the landing where we enter the pressbox to take this picture between innings of one of this afternoon’s games. I went outside because inside the box, the view is filtered by expansive plates of cool, tinted glass that enclose the work area. It’s air-conditioned when the weather is warm, heated when the weather is cold, and dry when the weather is wet. After all those years of watching kids play ball from sandlot through high school, from the sweltering, bug-laden oppression of Gulf Coast humidity during summer baseball and early fall football, to the biting, post-sunset chill of late winter/early spring baseball/softball/track, I’ve endured the weather that goes along with parenting kids and sports. Now, I kind of feel like it’s an entitlement to view the action from a comfortable seat in a climate-controlled environment. And for my volunteer service, admission is free! I wish I could make $60,000 a year doing this.  I’d quit my regular job!