I left my commencement program on the chair I was sitting in during the proceedings Saturday morning. LSUE Public Relations Director Van Reed took this shot of the program, noting the random doodling and “checking off” the agenda items as the program crept along its plodding ceremonial course. You might have to study the picture closely to see the details.)

I wonder if this doodling qualifies as some form of art. And if so, what form?

Is it art nouveau? (I just did it, so it’s new).

Pop art? (My kids call me “Pop?”).

Absurdist art? (It looks pretty absurd).

Primitive art? (The doodling is pretty unsophisticated).

Visual art? (You can see it, can’t you?)

Fine art? (I did a fine job, didn’t I?)

Auditory art?  (It made a scritchy sound when I made the marks with the pen.)