The four cucumber bedding plants I set out in March are coming on strong.  We plucked the first one a week ago (it sure tasted good) and we’re already falling behind in our ability to consume them.  Since we’re planning to leave Monday for most likely the better part of next week, the vines’ timing on waxing prolific poses a problem.  I’m worried (1) that some of them will grow so long to the point that they’re inedible, and (2) there will be so many to pick when we get back that we will soon grow weary of eating cucumbers upon cucumbers.

But alas, oh, that all my problems were such!  I think I can deal nicely with this issue in comparison to some others I can name . . . like dealing with the price of gasoline, for instance?   Hmmmm, could some ingenious soul invent an engine that runs on mashed cucumbers?