there were kidz!

And while admiring and doting on Grandkid Payton is incomparable and indescribable, I find worth remembering that without kidz first, there can be no grandkidz. So we enjoyed our two grown babies last week on the beach in Florida.

Seems they’re more fun to take on vacation now than they were fifteen years ago.

The first time we vacationed on the Gulf Coast, in fact, Ann wasn’t even there. We stayed in a humble camp at Holly Beach, the Cajun Riviera. I don’t know how old Zach was, but he for sure was a little dude.

On our next Gulf sojourn years later when Ann was probably in middle school, high school-aged Zach didn’t want to get in the surf because we spotted a few jellyfish. We also crammed, the four of us, into a standard Holiday Inn room. The room had a Gulf-side view, sure, but the balcony was about the size of a broom closet. No mistake, that trip was fun, but in comparison to now, . . . no way.

Several years ago we did a Galveston trip, but we were Zach and Autumn-less, except he did come by for the night of his birthday. But we stayed in a cheesy motel across the strip from the Beach. (The view of the asphalt parking lot and the hum of the air conditioner on a sultry August eve is no substitute for the emerald sea and the soothing sound of surf.)

Coming up to the modern era, last year just the girls and I had a really good time at Navarre Beach, which was also our first experience with condo living. (The only way to go, once you’ve experienced the privacy and the spaciousness and the intimacy with the beach). The trip was almost perfect, but we only had half of the kids with us.

This last trip this year has been the best, though. We enjoyed all of our beach days, but the end of it all is that vacation is more relaxing now simply because the pressure of rearing our own kids is over. For better or worse, we’re done! And furthermore, Baby Payton was there, too!

(and let’s not omit Baby Payton’s Mom. The more we go, the more we grow!)