I’ve made some tracks this year.

First stop was Kalamazoo in March.  Next came Eastern Tennessee for the NJCAA World Series in May, followed by Florida in June.

And next, come Thursday, I set sails (or American Airlines wings) for Nebraska for another National Writing Project function.  I’ll be a guest of the Lied Lodge and Conference Center in Nebraska City.  (I can’t wait to see the room in the photo in real life!)

I’ve been to Nebraska before, if cutting through a tiny segment in the western corner from northeast Colorado to Kansas counts.  That dull part of Nebraska is colored “High Plains brown,”  resembling desolate biblical weary lands.   Where I’m headed Thursday looks pretty verdant, not far from the Missouri River.  Matter of fact, Nebraska City (an hour from Omaha) is the home of Arbor Day.  Green stuff!

More later in the week from Eastern Nebraska.  I’m happy for the change of scenery, but sad that I must leave behind the ones I love the most!