Somebody send this link to Pastor Moffett in Eunice, LA.  This Nebraska City church knows how to have laid back worship.  Just like kids’ school, Sunday School takes the summer off.


I don’t know anything about this congregation or its spiritual health and vitality. If the place is dead and lifeless, the summer slow-down may a merciful release from a dull religious routine.


On the other hand, it’s possible they have a compelling, logical argument to support their assertion that summer at church deserves to be laid back.  After all, regular school recesses for summer, so why not Sunday School?


Then, there’s the possibility of a completely cultural explanation for the summer pattern in this small Nebraska town since the Midwest differs in cultural as well as geographical climate from our beloved South.


If the cultural explanation be the case, as I suspect it does, I don’t believe the Midwesterners’ premise would stand long in the hot, dogmatic South where the pathos of dogma weighs more heavily than logic sometimes (as when southern farm boys of humble estate laid their lives on the line for the Patrician planter class during the Civil War?  Dumb!)   


Accordingly, if twelve month Sunday School and Sunday night services were good enough for the Apostle Paul, that’s good enough for us?  (I know some people who would applaud that conclusion.)


It may not be biblical, but it’s fine dogma.