It’s been just over a month since Marley the Dog adopted us.  Here the little fellow rests on the patio after playtime this afternoon.  He had an eventful day because we charbroiled some stuff on the chemenia, so he had an audience for several hours.   He’s not a puppy to disappoint an audience!

He’s recovered 100% from the injury and disease that plagued him in the beginning.  He’s turned out to be a pretty little guy.  He’s still shows a lot of puppy-hearted mischief, but at the same time, he’s perhaps the most affectionate dog we’ve ever had.  Maybe he’s truly grateful that we saved his life?  Who knows what a dog knows?

And Sadie the Dog, for as much as she’s bossy and gruff when the game isn’t going her way or when she thinks he’s going to get that crumb or that morsel that fell to the floor before she can get  it, truly enjoys her spry little playmate.  They play chase, they tussle and growl, they  struggle back and forth in endless tugs-of-war with an old rag tee-shirt.  When we let them both in the house, they fish out the doggy toys from the basket by the lamp stand and amuse themselves (and us with their antics) in the center of the living room floor.  He’s been a good addition to the back yard for everybody.  And on top of all that, he seems to be house-broken–that was a nice and unexpected bonus.

Yep, Marley the Dog–an angel must have dropped him in our back yard.  Life is good for the little mutt who once was a stranger and an outcast, down and out on the streets of Eunice.  And life is good for us, too.