We’ve lately spent much time checking the Internet and the TV newscasts for the latest updates for a number of tropical systems that have made this hurricane season as exciting as Dr. Gray et. al. promised in their pre-season predictions.

Reading Jeff Master’s Wunderblog earlier this afternoon for the latest updates concerning Ike, I found a post by a blogger named “Malachi.” Malachi posted the following little parody:

Oh give me a home, where the yellow globe roams, and the winds and the rain like to play,

Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word, and the cone is around me all day……

Home, home in the cone…….”

LOL. “Home in the cone.” I know that feeling!

I wish I knew more about Malachi and who he/she is, b/c I always like to give a writer his due for any creative act. I went back to Jeff Masters’ blog again to try to find the link, but its lost in so many posts.