Ike recovery around Houston and the coastal areas of Louisiana still dominates regional news and conversation, but thank God the tropics appear quiet insofar as heading anything new  toward the Gulf of Mexcio in the forseeable future.   Out of curiosity, I just looked in my ’05 journal, thinking this was right about the time we were growing concerned about Hurricane Rita, and sure enough, September 21 was the date three years ago that Rita achieved Category 5 status.   This is what the formidable lady looked like on that day, three years ago,  more or less south of our house (and heading WNW at the time–we thought then that Galveston was in the bull’s eye, in fact, but that track didn’t hold up as Rita ultimately showed a greater determination to visit South Louisiana along the Cajun Riviera at Holly Beach in Cameron Parish).

Scientifically, a dispassionate meteorologist might look at the symmetry and the tiny little eye right in the center of all that wound up fury and gasp, “How stunningly beautiful!”

But me, I say “Ugh!”

(Thanks to Wikipedia for the satellite shot of Rita.)