I got a letter in the mail today from the guy who took my $1400 deposit to repair the patio cover Gustav blew away last month. We put the deposit down a month ago. The guy that gave the estimate told us then they’d be on the job in three to four weeks. This was week four, so we have been kind of pumped about getting the patio fixed with all this nice fall weather going on.

Until we opened the letter. Seems the guy’s run upon hard times, had to close the business, and is now writing to tell us he intends to refund our deposit but doesn’t have the resources at the present time. And he didn’t suggest when he might have the resources.

Hmmph. Whatcha gonna do? This was a reputable local business with an established track record in the area for quality work and good service. It’s not like we wrote a check to some out-of-town, hurricane-chasing profiteer.

I’m wondering now, “Why should I care about Main Street or Wall Street? This has moved in on Hill Street (where I live)!

I ask Sadie the Dog and Marley the Dog, “What’s the secret for stress-free living?” They seem to have it figured out. If only they could talk!