The nursing clinicals students at LSUE had left some of their paraphernalia out in one of the classrooms we used for a non-credit class this morning, so in an idle moment of curiosity, I walked over to the table to inspect the goods. The picture shows what really caught my attention: powdered, latex examination gloves.

Powdered? Yes, powdered.

Will that knowledge give me comfort the next time in the examination room I see the doctor ripping out a couple of those gloves from the slit in the box and then coming at me as he wriggles his fingers to get the best fit in the sticky cellophane? I know I’m fixing to get one of the P treatments: prodded, poked, or probed. I guess the powdered glove could make the procedure more comfortable, since powder is a lubricant, and perhaps leave to linger a pleasing fragrance, since powder typically provides an appealing aroma.

Yes, I think I’ll make sure to insist: “Doc, if those aren’t powdered latext examination gloves, keep your paws to yourself.”