payton-monkeysPayton (my granddaughter, in case anyone wonders) is a good-natured child. She always enjoys her visits with Honey and Papa, as she did spending all of today while her mom and dad went to Baton Rouge for the football game (that our Tigers lost).

Honey and Papa (Sarah and me) marveled all the while how perpetually happy Payton is, and how well she gets along with every creature, including the dogs.

She has a special thing with Marley the Dog, who placidly tolerates Payton pulling his hair, grabbing his tail, or roughly patting his side while he snuggles right up close to her, fast asleep. Poor little guy is unusually tolerant. My theory is that Marley, the master of life on the lam before adopting our household as his permanent house of refuge last June, actually has a moral conscience that compels him to be patient and kind to Payton, just as we were patient and kind when he planted himself in homeless desperation on our patio last June.

The picture here shows Payton with Marley and the orange hand puppet, Melvin Macaque. Melvin Macaque was Zach’s and Ann’s playmate when they were little dudes. Melvin’s been around for longer than Payton or Marley.

They’re all some little monkeys, though, each in his or her own respect, so the monkey beat goes on for another generation at least.