talogoI paid myself back today with some good luck to make up for some bad luck earlier in the week.  I filled up in hometown Eunice last Tuesday afternoon on the eve of taking off for San Antonio and paid $2.12 a gallon.  I knew gas was cheaper in other places, but I didn’t realize just how much.  The next day as I set out on my trip, I got no farther than 25 miles down the road where I found gas over 20 cents cheaper than what I paid in Eunice.  I kicked myself for not waiting, of course, noting how continually cheap the gas was all the way along I-10 toward Houston, where I started noticing prices in the $1.70 range.  Assuming those prices were “Texas prices,” I held off my next refill until I got closer to “Empty” on the fuel gauge and closer to San Antonio.  But alas, the fill-up 60 miles east of San Antonio cost me $1.95 a gallon.  Sure, cheaper than back home, but I regretted passing all those stations from Beaumont to the other side of Houston.  I resolved to do better on the return trip home.

So today, I waited until I got past Houston and pulled off at a familiar Baytown stop-over that has convenient off and on access.  I had been seeing $1.60’s on lots of stations all the way through Houston, so I figured that’s what I’d find at the Baytown Travel Plaza.

Lo and behold, it was $1.57!  I tanked with joy.

Gosh, I remember a time when I thought $1.57 was outrageous.  And now, it ‘s a find?  Hmmph, but with the economists starting to warn us that we should be alarmed about deflation’s dubious indication about the stability of the economy, maybe I should wish gas still cost over $3.00 per gallon?

I’ll worry about that another day, because today I am happy.  Wondering how my Baytown find compared up and down the road, I checked to compare prices all the way  home, and sure enough,  $1.57 was the best deal in 400+ miles.   Ah, yes, today’s little blessing!