Let your conversation be always full of grace, sea200px-stpaul_elgrecosoned with salt  . . .

–St. Paul

An interesting question:  What does it mean for one’s conversation to “be always full of grace,” much less “seasoned with salt?”  These admonitions are captivating and fresh.

If grace means “unmerited favor,”  conversation should have as its end edification, encouragement, admonition, recognizing that each one  deals with issues and limitations, and as fellow humans we acknowledge one another’s issues and limitations.   We all have them!   So, the call for  conversation to be “full of grace” is also a call to guard against sounding self-righteous, severe, mean, or judgmental.

What about  “seasoned with salt?”  The salt metaphor appended to the main clause supplies a characteristic of conversation that is “full of grace.” Since salt is a basic seasoning which makes food appealing,  conversation also should be appealing!

To be appealing is a novel idea that many religious folks miss because many religious traditions suggest the opposite.  Paul suggests we should be attractive (in spirit and personality). That we should be easy to get along with.  That we should be interesting.  That we should be fun.  That others who meet us for the first time should desire to know us.

That’s tonight’s exercise in explication.  Now, to live  out the admonition tomorrow is the challenge!