pic-0378Here’s an idle Friday night topic when there’s nothing else going on to post about.

The scene here, or a scene closely resembling this one, occurs every night in our home.  Marley the dog collapses from each day’s exertions on the master bed while his Mommy Bear (Sarah) reads/watches TV/relaxes until beddy-bye, at which time he retreats alone to his kennel for the night.

Observe how he places the head on the pillow in the manner of a little person, the puppy pattes tucked peacefully under his chin.  He could have chosen one of the unadorned pillow-cases on the bed, but we suspect he favors this one because it’s part of a flannel sheets and pillow case set we use this time of year.  The colorful representations on the pillow depict a snowman and his family decked out for ice skating.

Maybe Marley got into the “snow” thing last December when we had our early-winter snow surprise, and he’s wishing it would snow again so he could play.  Who knows what goes on in a puppy dog’s dreams.