Our church sponosred the second annual Five Loaves/Three fishes 5K Fun Run this morning in Eunice, Louisiana.  My whole family ran foist-placethe race.  Here are the results:

Wife Sarah: First in her women’s age group

Son Zach: First overall (taking out the time of celebrity guest runner Josh McDougal, 2007 college Div. I national champ, pictured here receiving me at the awards ceremony, and who was also the guest speaker and the only runner to cross the finish line sooner than Zach.)

Daughter-in-law Autumn: First in her women’s age group

Daughter Ann: First in her women’s age group

Not a bad family accomplishment.  But oh, how did the old man do, you ask?

Husband/Papa David (i.e., me): First in his men’s age group.

payton-medalsThe pix show (1) me receiving my medal from Josh McDougal and (2) Zach and Payton showing off her mom’s and dad’s and aunt’s and Honey’s and Papa’s collected trophies and medals.

Don’t know how we can top this outcome next year unless we can get Payton qualified to run and win some kind of toddler’s race.  Poor little thing hasn’t quite started walking, but she’ll have had enough practice by next year to make a  showing.   Obviously, the kid has the right genes.