facilites_baseball1My parting chorus at 8:00 p.m. when I left Bengal Stadium this evening went more like “Haul me out from the ball game.”

Ten hours isn’t necessarily a considerable amount of time for many diversions.  A hunter or fisherman, for instance, would  blink at spending ten hours on an outing.

But for press box duty on a Saturday, stretching over three games including one that droned on for extra innings (between two visiting teams who stirred no interest at all in me) and the night cap that suffered an hour + rain delay,  ten hours turns into a looooooong day in cramped quarters.

It wasn’t all bad.  The home town Bengals won both of their games, and the press box crew is a lively and gregarious bunch to spend a Saturday holed up together, if one has to be “holed up” away from home with anyone.

And I admit, if I had to do it again next Saturday, why not?   I’ll be humming “Take me out to the ball game” by the time the next home game rolls around.

Right now, it’s off to a hot shower and a popcorn snack for late supper.