The LSUE campus is on the utter edge of town, so much that if you wander just past the southwest boundary, you will fall ofsadie-crawfishinf into rice fields and crawfish ponds.  The family mutts, Sadie and Marley, prefer the crawfish pond to all places I take them.  They romp, they root, they bound through the high weeds along the edge, they sniff and they dig.  Sadie, if I’m not vigilant, will cast herself out into the pond–she’s a mutt, but there’s unquestionably some Retriever coursing through those mud-hole-happy veins.

Watching them cavort and carry on convinces me that house dogs really do need a chance from time to time to act like normal dogs.

We won’t be able to visit the crawfish pond much longer, because once the weather warms up, out come the snakes.  This area around the crawfish pond is prime breeding ground for Water Moccasins–and some big ones–so as much as I want my dogs to have times to act like normal dogs,

I’m just not that curious to see how their instincts will handle a confrontation with a hungry Cottonmouth who just woke up from a long winter’s nap.