midland-prairieI’ve blogged this topic before . . . can’t remember exactly when . . . but likely it was during the spring of last year or the year before.  For some reason, the flatness of the southwestern Louisiana coastal prairies seems flatter this time of year.  Perhaps that impression owes to the bareness of the fields–no crops growing yet above the ground, or the fields, like the one beyond the grass in this picture, are flooded for crawfish production.  The result: as far as the eye can behold, flat.  This scene comes from southern Acadia Parish near the Midland community.

I suppose flat could be construed as boring, but the open prairie fascinates me, whether it’s Kansas wheat fields or Louisiana rice fields.  I suppose it’s the panoramic view.  Just how much creatiion can the eye behold when the landscape spreads away to the seeming ends of the earth?  That’s pretty cool.  I much prefer such expansive scenery to rolling hills with towering woods lining either side of the roadway so that I can’t see anything beyond the first row of trees.  In comparison, that’s boring–like any Interstate highway in the Deep South United States.  Ugh.  I’ll take the boundless prairie, God’s vast creation from here to way over yonder, as far as I can see.