Life in downtown Kalamazoo is hardly cosmopolitan sleek and sophisticated.  It’s small city USA, really.   Here are a couple of random observations I noted this  afternoon after I explored the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

Like to shop? The pedestrian mall claims to be the original shopping mall in Americana. The mall features pricey boutiques and chic bistros. No need to expect Wal Mart prices!  Even Starbucks isn’t cool enough for this strip.  The historical marker on the walk notes one of the city’s  more notable celebrities from the pharmaceutical industry.


Like to go to church? The church square, or whatever they call it, is pure Americana.   An entire square block forms a quadrangle arrayed with  staid specimens of classic edifices representing almost all of the major American Protestant denominations .   Plenty of variety concentrated conveniently for the parishioner who changes his mind from week to week about his preference… or his doctrinal convictions  (i. e.  dogma).  The Catholic church has impressive properties, too,  but in a different neighborhood.