More and more as I associate with teachers from coast to coast, the burning issues are the same everywhere.  I wrote the following piece in 1994, but the truth is as relevant today apparently as it was then!

“The Pedagogue’s Lament”
By David L. Pulling
December 1994

Oh, Socrates!  Can you teach the torch to burn bright?
I gasp for sustenance in pestilent air.

Hour to hour the prison bell sounds as regular as Granny-on-ex-lax.
Disaffection files out,
Disaffection files in–
the ebb and flow of meaninglessness.

Before me stretch imposing rows of glossy acrylic crisply arrayed in linear rank,
molded in the accommodating shape of human posteriors
(one size fits all);
I am stripped of sovereignty, yoked with stratified, codified, deified curricular guide
passed down from high bureaucratic places, putting objects to learn in proper places
(one behavioral objective fits all).

Save me, ere I perish,