I wrote the following in ’97 as a setting for the Easter music at church.   This was Part 1 of four parts.  Check out the blank verse . . .

My theme in glory . . . An old, old story–
The story of man’s redemption, passed on
As the rich inheritance of God’s love
From age to age, the everlasting truth,
Steadfast and uneroded by time’s vain
Assault on the bastions of eternity.
This old, old story rises even still
In misty, magical scenes of childhood
As fresh remembrance of warm summer nights
In a white church house beside a pasture
Where a gray-haired preacher–no great
Just an earnest country prophet he was–
Called glory down from heaven’s lofty peaks,
Exhorting lost pilgrims, including me,
To stand amazed in the presence of light
doane_wh-1That floods the darkness of souls’ hopeless night.

(The photo shows W. Howard Doane, writer of the music to “Tell Me the Old, Old Story”)