miss-r-brnorthviewMy regional professional association is meeting today and tomorrow in Baton Rouge.  The venue is close enough to home for me to commute, which also means that the host site, downtown Baton Rouge, is a familiar place.  So I was really challenged when a colleague from out-of-state posed the question, “In Baton Rouge, what’s really a ‘must see’?”

I thought about that long and hard.  At first, I couldn’t think of anything.  Maybe Po’ Folks fruit and vegetable stand in Port Allen?  Tiger Stadium?  the Mall of Louisiana?

But then I realized that just across the street from where we met courses the mightiest stream in America, the Mississippi River.

“Ah, the River,” I declared.  And the more I thought about that choice, the more I’m convinced that was the right answer.   Mark Twain would have probably given the same.

After that exchange, I resolved to cross the street to the levee, first chance I got, to see what I had recommended.  As many times as I’ve seen that prodigious stream, I’m never disapointed.  Today, in late spring, the tide is obviously swollen.  That just makes her that much more.miss-r-brsouthview1