I was waiting for service at the Subway at the Livonia Travel Center in Livonia, Louisiana, and noted the  sign.


“Gosh,” thought I, “the usage of my cell phone.”

So  I kind of held my breath as I photoed the sign, a little worried one of the employees would reprimand me.  The sign really wasn’t specific as to whether I could or couldn’t use my phone’s camera function.  But at the same time, I’m standing there waiting several minutes for service . . . and I’m a customer . . . so what’s the big deal?

I can’t use my cell phone, but I have to wait for service????

Then I wondered, “Why not simply write ‘Please don’t use your cell phone while placing an order”?

I guess “refrain from usage” was just too irresistible for the sign’s author.

But not for me!  I got the pic.