sunroof-1I can’t afford to wash over $1600 bucks down the drain.  But I did after Hurricane Gustav, or so I believed.

Then the mail arrived yesterday with a check  to pay off the balance of the formerly-lost deposit we paid back in September for the hurricane repairs to the patio.  The company went into bankruptcy before the workmen ever showed up to complete the job, so we figured we were simply out $1649.  We subsequently filed a Proof of Claim with the bankruptcy court, naturally, but in my mind, that was a loss written off to lessons learned from the school of hard knocks.

Without going into the details, though, the former proprietor of the business came through with the 100% reparation.  Reflecting on this unforeseen blessing, I found the following in my ’05 journal this evening, a prayer published in Home Life magazine during that year:

Lord, I turn the daily mess of my life and work over to you.  Don’t let me hang on to any of it.  I abandon it, I forsake it, I give it up to You, knowing that your desire is to bless me, to prosper the work of my hand—Only make me worthy of your grace, show me Your way, teach me Your truth, make me an instrument of Your peace!

Two key words in the prayer: grace and peace.  Can’t get enough of either!

I didn’t consciously pray that prayer, but somehow I feel like it applies to me. I will recall it in years to come.

“The daily mess of my life”–That’s awesome, and that’s what I do, unfortunately.

Thank God I’m not in control.