I blogged former student Jeff last month after I observed him teaching Human Anatomy in a night class at LSUE.  I was particularly blessed by the response to my post from his mom, Cora, a wonderful family friend for years upon years.  So this afternoon when Jeff showed up to do the play-by-play  of the NJCAA Region 23 championship tournament for LSUE/TV, I couldn’t resist taking this shot of him at work a couple of chairs down from me in the press box.Jeff PressboxWe had a good time in the box this afternoon and this evening.  The Bengals won their game handily, and Jeff did a fine job for the fans tuning in out there in cyberspace.  He clowned me by name at the mike a few times, but hopefully, the Internet audience doesn’t know who “Mr. Pulling” is well enough to draw meaningful conclusions.   I might be in trouble if they do!

Funny how former eighth grade students never know me by any other name than “Mr. Pulling,” even removed 2o or so years from the scene of the crime at the local junior high.