This gorgeous spring time of year, I conclude most days on the front porch playing my accordeon for 20 or 30 minutes.  I play until it gets too dark and/or the mosquitoes come out too strong.

Gavin l'accordeonisteLately, my neighbor’s little 3 year old fellow, Gavin,  enjoys these evening concerts.  He makes his Dad bring him across the street to watch and listen to Mr. David’s Cajun music serenade.  Yesterday when Gavin came, I let him try out the feel of the diatonic accordion.  He pushed a few notes and pushed and pulled the bellows randomly, but even though he didn’t play any intelligible tunes,  I could see in his eyes that he was all about this kind of music.

Gavin’s Dad tells me Gavin has Cajun music ancestors, so I’m sensing that the little fellow has some of those genes.  Maybe one day when he’s a rich and famous recording artist, he’ll recall Mr. David’s music on the front porch as a major influence and inspiration on his career.  If I’m still around, maybe he’ll cut me in for a piece of the recording royalties?  🙂

Joues la musique, ‘ti boug’!