I attended a function today in Alexandria, Central Louisiana.  The luncheon attending this meeting had been billed with considerable fare, so I looked forward to the noon-time break.mashed-potatoes

When the meeting let out for lunch, I headed straight for the buffet line.  There were pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a green salad.  I was famished, so I heaped on two scoops of the delectable-looking  spuds.

I returned to my table and took my first bite.


“Bland!” thought I.  The potatoes were totally Un-seasoned.

I took my second bite, and “Oops!”  The fork-full fell in my lap.  “Darn,” said I.  “These are dry-clean only slacks.”

Deftly and swiftly, I scooped up the fallen spuds lest anyone note my mishap.  I was sure I had stained my slacks.

But upon closer inspection, no grease spot!  The bland potatoes left no mark.

I was relieved, of course.  I wondered how this episode might have turned out had our LSUE caterers been in charge of the menu.  I’d likely have a grease blob fit for the dry cleaner!

So if anyone is wondering, that’s a difference between North and South Louisiana.