Payton's tableMy Daddy was a craftsman with carpenter’s tools.  In his prime, he could build a house from the ground up: frame it, plumb it, wire it, finish it, including the cabinetry.

He blessed both of our kids with those skills when he gave us a toddler-sized dining table with chairs set that he had fashioned with his own hands.  Zach and Ann both used the kiddy-sized furniture until they outgrew it (It’s made for pre-schoolers), so we stowed the pieces in the attic 15 years or so ago, in anticipation of grandchildren.

Since Payton has recently begun walking, Sarah had me fetch down the table and chairs from the attic a few days ago so Payton’s mom and dad could take the dining furniture to their house for the next generation’s use.  Zach and Autumn picked up the pieces today and brought them home.

In the evening’s email, I found the photo here, chere little Payton Elizabeth Pulling sitting in one of the kiddy chairs at the table fashioned by her great-grandfather.   Seeing this picture  moved me.

87 years of full living have diminished Daddy’s skills and cognition, so my first grand-daughter seated in this three-piece furniture set is indescribably special.   Daddy created this furniture for my own kids with his own hands–he took joy in that act of creation, even though it was work.

My joy in the years to come will be to tell Payton (and maybe her brother or sister?) about the hands that crafted this table and chairs.

I am humbled.  What can I say?

Thanks, Daddy.