One of the local meteorologists reminded viewers last night that Sunday is the first day of summer.

Ah, so it’s still spring?katc_eight_day-1

And if it’s not summer yet, and the mercury is regularly bumping 99 degrees these past three days of spring, what gives for summer?  I’m a little concerned.  This searing last week of spring is causing lawns to dry up and yellow, soybean seedlings to wither in lately-planted fields, and air conditioner compressors to drone on and on and on.

Summer is supposed to be a happy outdoor season, but I feel little enthusiasm at the outset this year.  Surely, God will forgive me for not celebrating the Gulf of Mexico waters’ early boost in fuel-building surface temperatures, just in time for hurricane season.  Nor will He chastise me for grumbling about next month’s utility bill.

Yes, at this point, I have already endured enough heat and humidity.  Why don’t we just skip summer this year and move on to fall and football season?  The Saints and the Tigers both stand to be highly improved!